In 2018 Daniel Kövary read the bestseller "Darm mit Charme" by Giulia Enders. In this book about the fascinating and often underestimated human bowel, the first pages describe in detail that the toilets that are common in the western world - especially the sitting posture we have on them - are neither natural nor healthy.

The natural posture is a squat sitting posture, as it is still common in many third world countries. In a squat posture, the angle between the upper body and the thigh is more acute. The intestine is straight in this position, which facilitates emptying. The easier and faster emptying of the bowels has many positive effects on health.

For all of us, who all have standard toilets in the bathroom, there is a very effective quick fix to the issue: A footstool placed in front of the toilet that puts us into a healthier squat position. So it is no wonder that there are already several very successful ‚toilet stools‘ on the market that address this problem. 

Daniel was immediately convinced of this simple solution. He bought himself one of these toilet stools and put it in his bathroom. When his wife came home from work the same day and saw the toilet stool, he had to send it back immediately. The stool was simply too embarrassing for his wife. Guests could get the impression that they suffer from serious intestinal diseases and furthermore the stool was not a beauty per se and ruined the bathroom by its mere presence. 

But since Daniel didn't want to give up his stool, he thought long and hard about how to solve this problem. At some point, he realized that it wasn't the functionality but the design of the stool that made his wife ban it from the bathroom. If it had been more appealing and not immediately recognizable as a toilet stool, his wife would have been able to accept it in the bathroom.

So Daniel turned to the renowned industrial designer Ralph Bremenkamp to find a solution together. Ralph was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and the product and developed a cube made of two identical parts, the stuul, which was not immediately recognizable as a toilet stool but can be used as one. In the course of product development, Ralph and Daniel realized that they had a lot in common and that they shared the same values. So they decided to found a joint company, the JUUCE UG, to produce and market the stuul.

However, the purpose of this company should not be limited to the development and marketing of one design product alone. Ralph and Daniel are convinced that habits play a key role in the positive change of people's’ behavior. Our lives are complex. We have to make decisions all the time. Habits take this away from us in the majority of situations because they are executed automatically. The more good habits you can establish in your life, the easier it becomes and the better you feel in the long run. 

In order to change one's habits positively, it is often the most effective and the easiest way to consciously change one's environment. For example, it makes a big difference for your health whether you place a bowl of sweets or a bowl of fruits on the living room table. 


Ralph and Daniel, therefore, want to create exciting design products that act as triggers for new good habits - like a bowl of fruits or the stuul. Products that are so aesthetic that people like to place them in their homes, while their presence alone enables the owner to establish a good habit.