1. Backstory (Our journey to now)

A company’s origin story is much more than a nice-to-have bit of folklore to use as part of a marketíng or communications strategy. It’s the genesis of the company’s values and purpose - the foundation upon everything else is built. The awareness of the particular circumstances and events that made us who we are grounds and grows us, as individuals, companies, and societies. Owing those stories helps us to make sense of our place in the world and of our potential to change it.

2. Values (Our guiding beliefs)


We subconsciously make value-based decisions all the time, but when we clearly articulate our values, we create a kind of moral shorthand that helps us to consciously and consistently act with integrity. This enables us to make good judgement calls even in stressful situations.

3. Purpose / Mission (Our reason to exist)

We all have a responsibility to create a future for the next generation. The daily activities of a business have a huge impact on the wellbeing of people and the planet. It’s therefore important to understand the wider contribution our business will make to society. We can set an intention to change our tiny corner of the world. Successful businesses are powered by people who feel fulfilled. Having a strong sense of purpose is good for people, and it’s good for business, too.

4. Vision (Our aspiration for the future)

Your purpose is why you do what you do today and every day. Your vision is your aspiration for the future - the contribution you and your work will make. Without a purpose, we don’t know where we are on the journey. But without a vision, we don’t know the destination. 

5. Strategy (Alignment of opportunities, plans, and behavior)

If a vision is a distant goal in the future, the strategy is the route to getting there - the plan for realizing your vision. Think of the strategy as a path of stepping stones that you navigate to your goal. Your plan, chunked down into manageable pieces. Strategy is the 'how'.